Journal TOC aktualizacja marzec 2011

Dzisiejsza aktualizacja strony Journal TOC (tutaj) to ponad 60 spisów treści najnowszych czasopism naukowych z naszej kolekcji zarejestrowanych w marcu. Dla zachęty dwa przykłady:

Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics 2011 (1) Special Issue: The Eastern Partnership Initiative [HIP] spis treści: The Eastern Partnership Initiative: A New Opportunity for Neighbours? / Elena Korosteleva -- Contested Neighbourhood, or How to Reconcile the Differences / Tanya Radchuk -- Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership: 'Lost in Translation'? / Oleksandr Stegniy -- Belarus in the Context of the Neighbourhood Policy: Between the EU and Russia / David Rotman, Natalia Veremeeva -- Moldova Under the European Neighbourhood Policy: 'Falling Between Stools' / Olga Danii, Mariana Mascauteanu -- Russia-EU Relations, or How the Russians Really View the EU / Sergey Tumanov, Alexander Gasparishvili, Ekaterina Romanova.

European Security 2011 (1) [HIP] spis treści: Black Sea regional security: present multipolarity and future possibilities / Carol Weaver -- The EU and climate security: a case of successful norm entrepreneurship? / Kamil Zwolski, Christian Kaunert -- Balancing beyond the horizon? Explaining aggregate EU naval military capability changes in a neo-realist perspective / Michael Friederich Kluth, Jess Pilegaard -- Prevail or perish: Anglo-German naval competition at the beginning of the twentieth century / Thomas Hoerber -- EU crisis management after the Lisbon Treaty: civil-military coordination and the future of the EU OHQ / Nik Hynek -- Resetting the US-Russian relationship: is 'cooperative engagement' possible? / Gale A. Mattox -- A 'reset' of NATO-Russia relations: real or imaginary? / Arthur R. Rachwald -- Europe and Russia: from neighborhood without a shared vision to a modernization partnership / Dieter Dettke -- Forever young: START and aftermath / Stephen J. Cimbala.