RJEA vol. 12 (2012)

Dzisiaj pozyskaliśmy czwarty zeszyt kwartalnika Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA) opublikowany w roku 2012. Czasopismo jest w naszych zbiorach drukowanych od samego początku, w katalogu bibliotecznym można znaleźć także łącze do zasobów elektronicznych dostępnych online. Spis treści ostatniego zeszytu: RJEA vol. 12, no. 4, December 2012: A Giant with Feet of Clay? The EU's Ability to Develop Capabilities for Civilian Crisis Management / Rafal Domisiewicz -- The Theory of Political Monetary (Dis)Integration; A Minority Report from the Perspective of Austrian Economics / Radu Cristian Musetescu, Octavian-Dragomir Jora -- The United States of Europe: A Conceptual Assessment / Florin Bonciu -- Cultural Foundations of Autocracy and Their Amendment: What Can Higher Education Institutions Do? / Iulian Oneasca -- A Threefold Assessment of the Romanian Economy's Eco-efficiency / Viorel Nita -- The Roma as a Protected Minority? Policies and Best Practices in the EU / Sigrid Lipott.

Warto też zapoznać się ze spisem treści pozostałych trzech zeszytów opublikowanych w tym roku.

RJEA vol. 12, no. 3, September 2012: The Power of a Single Voice: the EU’s Contribution to Global Governance Architecture / Ana Postolache -- The Influence of the EU Council Presidency on Public Opinion / Petr Kaniok -- Living across the Borders: The Mobility Narratives of Romanian Immigrants in Spain / Silvia Marcu -- Competing Variables in Turkey's Multi-Vector Foreign Policy / Agnes Nicolescu -- Study of the Peculiarities of Export Developments in EU Member Countries and in Armenia / Karen Grigoryan.

RJEA vol. 12, no. 2, June 2012: European Cohesion Policy: A Proposed Evaluation Model / Alina Bourosu (Costachescu) -- Comparative Analysis of South Eastern Europe Economies facing the Crisis. Future Prospects for the Region / Andreea Paul (Vass), Ileana Alexe -- Changing Borders, Stable Attitudes: The National and European Identity Before and After the Most Recent EU Enlargements / Sergiu Gherghina -- Les présidents de la Commission européenne: entre trajectoires professionnelles et circonstances politiques / Victor Negrescu -- Euros(c)eptic - The Theory of the Optimum Currency Area and the Practice of the Euro / Annamaria Artner, Peter Rona.

RJEA vol. 12, no. 1, March 2012: The Ambivalent Role of the EU in the Western Balkans - "Limited Europeanisation" between Formal Promises and Practical Constraints. The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina / Iordan Gheorghe Barbulescu, Miruna Troncota -- Building a Common State Army Forces in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina: Assessing its Peace-Building Perspective / Bedrudin Brljavac -- Cooperation and Competition in the European Parliament: A Game Theoretical Interpretation / Alexandru Volacu -- Les partis politiques européens : les grands absents de la politique européenne / Cristina Stanculescu -- Can Historical Institutionalism Explain the Reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy? / Nicoleta Lasan.