Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies vol. 14 (2011-2012)

Na fali wpisów dotyczących najnowszych roczników zamieszczam jeszcze spis treści najnowszego tomu Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies vol. 14 (2011-2012), który dotarł do Biblioteki w Natolinie w otatnich dniach. Szczegółowe informacje o całej serii można znaleźć na stronach wydawcy (Hart Publishing), a opis zawartości poprzednich tomów oznaczony jest tagiem CYELS.

Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies vol. 14 (2011-2012): 1. The Purpose of the EU Procurement Directives: Ends, Means and the Implications for National Regulatory Space for Commercial and Horizontal Procurement Policies / Sue Arrowsmith -- 2. How Regulatory Networks Shaped Institutional Reform under the EU Telecoms Framework / Nina Boeger and Joseph Corkin -- 3. Perfectionism in European Law / Jacco Bomhoff -- 4. From Fiscal Compact to Fiscal Union? New Rules for the Eurozone / Christian Calliess -- 5. A 'Minefield of Misreckonings': Europe’s Constitutional Pluralism / Emilios Christodoulidis -- 6. The Court of Justice as a Labour Court / ACL Davies -- 7. Protection Against Acts Harmful to Human Health and the Environment Adopted by the EU Institutions / Nicolas de Sadeleer and Charles Poncelet -- 8. Paths for Constitutional Thinking 'Beyond the State'? / Alun Gibbs -- 9. The Euro Area Crisis and Constitutional Limits to Fiscal Integration / Alicia Hinarejos -- 10. The Fight against Terrorism, Fundamental Rights and the EU Courts: The Unsolved Conundrum / Eva Nanopoulos -- 11. Behavioural Economics and the Autonomous Consumer / Annette Nordhausen Scholes -- 12. The European Union as a Source of Inspiration / Sir Konrad Schiemann -- 13. European Fundamental Rights and the Member States: From 'Selective' to 'Total' Incorporation? / Robert Schutze -- 14. Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad European Public Prosecutor? / John R. Spencer-- 15. Allowing the Right Margin: The European Court of Human Rights and The National Margin of Appreciation Doctrine: Waiver or Subsidiarity of European Review? / Dean Spielmann -- 16. 'Posting' and 'Posted Workers': The Need for Clear Definitions of Two Key Concepts of the Posting of Workers Directive / Aukje van Hoek and Mijke Houwerzijl -- 17. An Illusion of Protection and an Assumption of Responsibility: The Possibility of Swedish State Liability after Laval / Barend van Leeuwen -- 18. Up in the Air: Aviation, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Question of Jurisdiction / Christina Voigt -- The Advocate General: Securing Trust and Democracy in the EU Judicial Order / edited by Catherine Barnard, Markus Gehring and Iyiola Solanke -- 19. Securing Trust in the Court of Justice of the EU: The Influence of the Advocates General / Albertina Albors-Llorens -- 20. A Fourth in the Court: Why are There Advocates General in the Court of Justice? /  Michal Bobek -- 21. The Advocate General: Bringing Clarity to CJEU Decisions? A Case-Study of Mangold and Kucukdeveci  / Tamara Capeta -- 22. The Advocate General: A Key Actor of the Court of Justice of the European Union / Laure Clement-Wilz -- 23. Social Legitimacy and the Court of Justice of the EU: Some Reflections on the Role of the Advocate General / Alicia Hinarejos -- 24. Advocates General and Grand Chamber Cases: Assistance with the Touch of Substitution / Adam Lazowski -- 25. The Notion of Consensus as a Route to Democratic Adjudication? / Bilyana Petkova -- 26. The Advocate General: Assisting the CJEU of Article 13 TEU to Secure Trust and Democracy / Iyiola Solanke -- 27. Advocate Generals' Opinions or Separate Opinions? Judicial Engagement in the CJEU / Sophie Turenne.


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