European Sources Online dla wszystkich

Serwis European Sources Online (ESO) od dnia wczorajszego jest dostępny bezpłatnie dla wszystkich zainteresowanych. Decyzję o ustanowieniu dostępu podjął redaktor naczelny serwisu, Ian Thomson z Uniwersytetu w Cardiff w związku z pięćdziesiątą rocznicą działalności sieci Centrów Dokumentacji Europejskiej. List od wydawcy poniżej:

"Dear EDC Colleagues, 

EDC colleagues might like to know that European Sources Online, the electronic added value European information service from the Cardiff EDC, has now become a free access service accessible to all at

Officially, this major change starts on the 1 January 2014.  However, to mark the 50th anniversary of the EDC Network in 2013 and the EDC Network Training Seminar taking place in Brussels on the 3-5 December 2013 the Cardiff EDC has made the change a little earlier as a birthday present to the EDC Network. 

ESO helps you and your users to find information on the European Union, the countries of Europe and on issues of concern to European citizens, researchers and stakeholders. ESO is not simply an index to finding information on European topics.  There are three main strands to ESO: 
  • Keep up to date with the News and Analysis features   
  • Browse the unique ESO Information Guides  
  • Search  the ESO database to find a unique balance of humanly chosen primary and secondary information sources (from COM Docs to blogs, think tank reports to academic monographs, news sources to academic journal articles)

ESO is updated daily (RAPID Press Releases and news sources are added on the day of publication - click on Latest Updates from the homepage), email alert service offered and RSS feeds.

ESO is now freely available for anyone to access from anywhere. However, if you use a Link Resolver in your library network do please send us your IdP (Identity Provider) for your Link Resolver. This allows for much greater access to full text journal articles. 

EDC colleagues from across Europe are already contributing editorially to ESO as a result of the first Pan-European Working Group on Electronic Repositories. We hope that this will continue and expand to enable ESO to become a genuinely EDC Network information service as the years pass. 

In this way we can raise the profile of the EDC Network to a much wider audience and show the added value of network co-operation."

Wcześniejsze notatki dotyczące ESO można znaleźć tutaj. Miłej lektury!