International Antitrust Law & Policy 2014

Annual proceedings of the Fordham Competition Law Institute : International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2014 / ed. Barry E. Hawk. 2015, Juris Publishing, Inc., ISBN 9781578234479 - materiały z kolejnej, 41-szej konferencji organizowanej przez Fordham Competition Law Institute (FCLI) są już dostępne w naszych zbiorach. Szczegółowy spis treści znajduje się poniżej, informacje o zawartości wcześniejszych tomów wydanych w tej serii można znaleźć tutaj.

Contents: Chap. 1. Data gathering and analysis : the anatomy of a merger investigation in Europe / Gerwin Van Gerven, Melissa Gotlieb -- Chap. 2. Perspectives on mergers in the U.S. and EU / A. Paul Victor, Carles Esteva Mosso, Yvonne Quinn Edith, Ramirez Gerwin Van Gerven -- Chap. 3. Public interest in merger and foreign investment control - politics and the need for an efficient and durable merger regime / Alex Chisholm -- Chap. 4. Merger control and the public interest : balancing EU and national law in the protectionist debate / Alison Jones, John Davies -- Chap. 5. The interface between competition law and foreign investment merger reviews : flying blind or with radar? / Calvin S. Goldman, Michael S. Koch -- Chap. 6. Cavet emptor : transaction parties need to consider foreign investment laws as part of pre-deal planning / llene Knable Gotts -- Chap. 7. Foreign investment controls and competition law / llene Knable Gotts, Alex Chisholm, John Davies, Calvin S. Goldman, Stephen Hanson -- Chap. 8. Big Bad Banks : bid rigging and multilateral market manipulation / John M. Connor -- Chap. 9. Evidence-based antitrust : bridging the gap between object and effect / David Vann -- Chap. 10. Financial services and antitrust / James Keyte, Arthur Burke, John M, Connor, Miguel de la Mano, Janusz Ordover, Mark W. Ryan, David Vann -- Chap. 11. Some salient features of commissioner Almunia's term / Marcos Araujo -- Chap. 12. Quinquennial thoughts : 2009 - 2014 / Ian S. Forrester, Mark D. Powell -- Chap. 13. Antitrust policy in today's world : EU and U.S. perspectives / Marcos Araujo, Joaquin Almunia, William J. Baer, Ian S. Forrester, Christine A. Varney -- Chap. 14. How Italian Colors guts private antitrust enforcement by replacing it with ineffective forms of arbitration / Einer Elhauge -- Chap. 15. How bad is the Italian Colors decision? / Michael D. Blechman -- Chap. 16. Worst decision of the EU court of justice : The Alrosa judgment in context and the future of commitment decisions / Frederic Jenny -- Chap. 17. Alrosa and commitment decisions in perspective / Giorgio Monti -- Chap. 18. Worst decisions / Mark Patterson, Michael D. Blechman, Einer Elhauge, Frederic Jenny, Giorgio Monti -- Chap. 19. Globalization and antitrust : the last forty years and beyond / Stephen M. Axinn, Christina Shin -- Chap. 20. After forty years : the development of European competition law - views from Fordham : a brief comment on extraterritoriality and merger control / Jean-François Bellis -- Chap. 21. After forty years : the development of European competition law - views from Fordham / John Temple Lang -- Chap. 22. U.S. and EU antitrust : forty years later (1974 - 2014) / Martijn Snoep, Jean-François Bellis, John Briggs, William Kovacic, John Temple Lang.