Economics of European Integration (5th ed.)

Jest już dostępne piąte wydanie podręcznika The Economics of European Integration (5th revised edition) / Richard Baldwin, Charles Wyplosz. London : McGraw-Hill Education, 2015, ISBN 9780077169657 [tędy]. Poniżej spis treści i informacje dodatkowe od wydawcy.

Spis treści: I. History, Facts and Institutions -- 1. History -- 2. Facts, Law, Institutions and Budget -- 3. Decision Making -- II. The Microeconomics of Economic Integration -- 4. Essential Microeconomics Tools -- 5. The Essential Economics of Preferential Liberalization -- 6. Market Size and Scale Effects -- 7. Growth Effects and Factor Market Integration -- 8. Economic Integrations, Labour Markets and Migration -- III. EU Micro Policies -- 9. The Common Agricultural Policy -- 10. Location Effects, Economic Geography and Regional Policy -- 11. EU Competition and State Aid Policy -- 12. EU Trade Policy -- IV. The Macroeconomics of Monetary Integration -- 13. Essential Macroeconomic Tools -- 14. Essential Facts of Monetary Integration -- 15. Optimum Currency Areas -- V. EU Monetary and Fiscal Policies -- 16. The European Monetary Union -- 17. Fiscal Policy and the Stability Pact -- 18. The Financial Markets and the Euro -- 19. The Eurozone in crisis. 

Informacja z katalogu wydawcy: "Now in its 5th edition, the Economics of European Integration guides students through the facts, theories and controversies surrounding the dynamics of European economics. With clear and comprehensive discussions about European history, law, institutions, politics and policies, students are encouraged to explore and analyse the contemporary status of integration within the European Union. Designed for students taking modules in European economics, the text provides in-depth analysis of economics arguments with examples, illustrations and questions to help bring this thought-provoking subject to life." 

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