European Papers

Właśnie ukazał się pierwszy zeszyt nowego czasopisma zatytułowanego European Papers. A Journal on Law and Integration (ISSN 2499-8249 online, 2499-7498 website), publikacja jest dostępna w wersji pełnotekstowej online. Spis treści pierwszego zeszytu można znaleźć poniżej, zapraszam.

European Papers. A Journal on Law and Integration, vol. 1 (2016), no. 1: Editorial: Disintegration Through Law? -- Overviews: A Disintegration of European Studies? / Christian Joerges -- Articles -- The Passion and the Spirit: Albert Camus as Moral Politician / Jan Klabbers -- The Limping Legitimacy of EU Lawmaking: A Barrier to Integration / Carol Harlow -- Decentralised Integration? Fundamental Rights Protection in the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy / Christophe Hillion -- Secessions from EU Member States: The Imperative of Union’s Neutrality / Dimitry Kochenov, Martijn van den Brink -- On the Agenda: The Refugee Crisis and European Integration -- A Global Solution to a Global Refugee Crisis / James C. Hathaway -- Refugees, the European Union and the 'Dublin System'. The Reasons for a Crisis / Bruno Nascimbene -- Insights -- The Distribution of Powers Between EU Institutions for Conducting External Affairs through Non-Binding Instruments / Paula García Andrade -- Public  Procurement, Social Policy and Minimum Wage Regulation for Posted Workers: Towards a More Balanced Socio-Economic Integration Process? / Clemens Kaupa -- Schengen, Differentiated Integration and Cooperation with the 'Outs' / Alberto Miglio -- European Forum -- Insights and Highlights.

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