Eurasian Economic Union Observer

Niemiecki Instytut Europejski Libertas podjął kolejną interesującą inicjatywę wydawniczą: Eurasian Economic Union Observer (ISSN 2367-3125) to kompilacja artykułów, ekspertyz i doniesień agencyjnych z domeny publicznej dotyczących Euroazjatyckiej Unii Gospodarczej (Eurasian Economic Union, EAEU), w skład której wchodzą Rosja, Białoruś, Kazachstan, Armenia oraz Kirgistan. Ze wstępu redaktora naczelnego: "eQuarterly is neither a propaganda instrument for nor a permanent criticizer of the Eurasian Economic Union. It just tries to reflect objectively what is said and written about the EEU. But compared to the European Union, it has to be mentioned that the EEU has its own characteristics, namely being composed of member states who do not follow always the standards of the legal order of the EU."

Instytut wydaje także kwartalnik European Union Foreign Affairs Journal. eQuarterly for European Foreign, Foreign Trade, Development, Security Policy, EU - Third Country Relations and Regional Integration (EUFAJ, ISSN 2190-6122), o którym informowałem wcześniej (tutaj).

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Eurasian Economic Union Observer Issue 2 / 2016 (2nd quarter) Contents:

Chapter 1. The Eurasian  Economic Union and its Challenges -- Eurasian Integration: In Search of the Lost / Irina Bolgova -- Either a Greater Europe, or a new Cold War / David Lane -- The Challenges  Facing Russian-Chinese  Efforts to "Dock" the Eurasian Economic  Union (EEU) and One Belt, One Road (OBOR) / Li Lifan -- What Putin Says and What Putin Does / Alexander Bovdunov -- 5 challenges that will determine the future of the Eurasian Economic Union / Dmitry Yevstafiev -- How Washington Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Eurasian Integration / Jeffrey Mankoff -- Why countries are not rushing to join Putin's union / Sijbren De Jong.

Chapter 2. The Eurasian Economic Union and its Member States -- Is Kazakhstan Able to Bring Together EAEU and EU? / Adil Kaukenov -- Serzh Sargsyan: By refusing to visit Yerevan some of our EEU partners tarnished the reputation of the organization -- Karen Bekaryan: Outrageous and unfriendly move by Kazakhstan -- Eurasian Union Hunts For Silver Linings -- Kyrgyzstan: Putin's Eurasian Economic Union and Its Discontents / Franco Galdini and Elyor Nematov.

Chapter 3. The Eurasian  Economic Union and its Internal Policies -- The EAEU draft Customs Code to be signed before the end of October -- Eurasian Economic Union introduces Common Trademark Regulation -- Anticrisis measures in Eurasian Economic Union's macroeconomic policy for 2016-2017 Economy -- EAEU set task of import substitution on common market of food products -- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Deeper Eurasian Integration -- Belarus  displeased with lack of progress  in Eurasian Economic Union -- The Chairman of the Board of EEC Tigran Sargsyan and the Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Alexey Miller discussed  the formation of a common gas market in the EAEU -- Customs duties in Belarus after the redenomination of the currency to be rounded in a new way -- The Board of the EEC approved a draft Agreement  on conducting joint audits on compliance with the procedure of calculation and distribution of amounts of import customs duties and their transfer to the budgets of the EAEU Member States -- Eurasian Economic Union on the move -- Experts analyze EEU summit in Astana.

Chapter 4. The Eurasian  Economic Union, its External Policies and Potential -- EAEU development potential and positioning in foreign  markets were discussed  in SPIEF-2016 -- EAEU to Focus on Relations with Non-Member Countries in 2016 / Aiman Turebekova -- Bridging of EU and Eurasian Economic Union / Asel Isakova -- Tigran Sargsyan: "We must build bridges and not walls with all partners,  including with the European Union" -- Putin, Xj Jinping to start EAEU-Silk Road integration talks on June 25 - Kremlin -- Memorandum of Understanding between the EEC and WCO signed -- Singapore  interested in free trade zone with EAEU - official -- Force of Attraction: The "Eurasian Magnet" Draws New Partners from Palestine to Mexico / Anna Garde -- Expert: Agreement on free trade zone with EAEU will be beneficial for Thailand / Paradorn Rangsimaporn -- Thailand studying Russia's proposal on EAEU free  trade zone - PM -- EAEU-Indonesia free trade zone may be set up after Jakarta files request -- Egypt to join EEU in 2016 - ambassador -- Can the Eurasian Economic Union be a Part of a New Constructive EU-Russia Settlement? / Rilka Dragneva-Lewers.