Think Tank Review 45

Kolejny, 45-ty Think Tank Review jest dostępny na blogu Biblioteki Rady Unii Europejskiej i zawiera zestawienie ekspertyz, które ukazały się w marcu br. Ze wstępu: "This issue has a special focus on the French presidential elections. Think tanks concentrate in particular on the impact of fear on political campaigns, on risks related to the digitisation of campaigns, on the rise of Front National and on the consequences of a French exit from the euro. We would also like to share the commentary reports by Institut Montaigne, which has a special webpage on the French presidential elections, which is regularly updated. 'EU politics and institutions' section includes an article about the 2017 elections across Europe, concentrating on the facts, expectations and consequences of possible outcomes in four different EU countries. Other papers in this section focus on how Europeans feel about the EU 60 years after the Treaty of Rome. In the 'EU member states' section, readers will find a rich selection of analyses on France. This review includes two articles on cultural diplomacy in both France and Spain. There is also considerable interest for subjects concerning other member states, such as the risks of Islamist radicalisation in Bulgaria, public employment services in Spain and the Central Economic Plan 2017 in the Netherlands. Finally, a large number of papers are devoted to Brexit and the UK, focusing on the Brexit negotiations, Brexit legislation and the Great Repeal Bill and on Germany's position on Brexit. Under 'Foreign affairs', the wide range of topics include relations between NATO and the UK, the Russian view on the EU in Kremlin propaganda, jihadist radicalisation and returning foreign fighters." Łącza do wcześniejszych zestawień tutaj.

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