The Government and Politics of the European Union (8th edition)

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The Government and Politics of the European Union (8th edition) / Neill Nugent. London : Palgrave, 2017. Series: European Union series, ISBN 9781137454089 (pbk) 9781137454096 (hbk) [43257].

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Contents: 1. Setting the Scene : The 'Crises', the Challenges and Their Implications for the Nature and Operation of the EU -- Pt. I. The Historical Evolution -- 2. The Post-War Transformation of Western Europe -- 3. The Creation of the European Community -- 4. The Deepening of the Integration Process -- 5. The Widening of the Integration Process --Pt. II. The Evolving Treaty Framework -- 6. From Rome to Nice -- 7. The Constitutional and Lisbon Treaties -- 8. Treaties and the Integration Process -- Pt. III. The Institutions and Political Actors of the European Union -- 9. The Commission -- 10. The Council of the European Union -- 11. The European Council -- 12. The European Parliament -- 13. European Union Law and the EU's Courts -- 14. Other Institutions -- 15. Interests -- 16. The Member States -- Pt. IV. Policies and Policy Processes of the European Union -- 17. Understanding EU Policies -- 18. Policy Processes -- 19. Making and Applying EU Legislation -- 20. Internal Policies -- 21. Agricultural Policy and Policy Processes -- 22. External Policies -- 23. The Budget -- Pt. V. Conceptualising and Theorising -- 24. Conceptualising the European Union -- 25. Theorising European Integration and EU Politics -- 26. Conclusion : Present Realities and Future Prospects.

Book Jacket: "A systematically updated and revised new edition of the leading text on the European Union. Combining authoritative coverage with student-friendly design and features, the eighth edition is brought fully up to date with recent developments in the EU, including the ongoing fallout from the eurozone crisis."--BOOK JACKET.