War and Diplomacy

Do naszych zbiorów została dzisiaj dołączona książka autorstwa Prof. Mieczysława Biskupskiego o Józefie Hieronimie Retingerze, warto zajrzeć. Spis treści i informacje z obwoluty poniżej. 

War and diplomacy in East and West : a biography of Józef Retinger / M. B. B. Biskupski. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2017, Routledge studies in modern European history, ISBN 9781138218451 (hardback : alk. paper), 9781315437651 (ebook) [43428]

Contents: The formative years, 1888-1914 -- The World War, 1914-1918 -- From Europe to Mexico -- "I got religion" -- The war begins -- First steps towards federation: the Czech frustration -- A wider federation -- Retinger and Polish-Soviet relations -- The collapse of Poland's international position -- Retinger's most controversial episode: the mission to Poland, 1944 -- "In twenty years Europe will be united, together with Poland." Retinger and the federal movement in European history -- Retinger and the building of a united Europe -- The Congress of Europe, 1948 -- The Bilderbergs.

Book Jacket: "The New York Times said of Józef Hieronim Retinger that he was on intimate terms with most leading statesmen of the Western World, including presidents of the United States. He has been repeatedly acknowledged as one of the principle architects of the movement for European unity after the World War II, and one of the outstanding creative political influences of the post war period. He has also been credited with being the dark master behind the so-called "Bilderberg Group," described variously as an organization of idealistic internationalists, and a malevolent global conspiracy. Before that, Retinger involved himself in intelligence activities during World War II and, given the covert and semi-covert nature of many of his activities, it is little wonder that no biography has appeared about him. This book draws on a broad range of international archives to rectify that."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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