EU and its eastern neighbourhood

The European Union and its eastern neighbourhood : Europeanisation and its twenty-first-century contradictions / edited by Paul Flenley and Mike Mannin. Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018, ISBN 9781526109095 [43920]

Dotarła do nas najnowsza książka z wydawnictwa Manchester University Press poświęcona relacjom UE z państwami z nią sąsiadującymi. Więcej informacji na stronie wydawnictwa, tradycyjnie spis treści i informacje z obwoluty poniżej, zapraszam.

Contents: Introduction / Paul Flenley, Michael Mannin -- I. Concepts and Frameworks -- 1. Europeanisation as a past and present narrative / Mike Mannin -- 2. Defining contemporary European identity/ies / Nora Siklodi -- 3. The Limitations of the EU's strategies for Europeanisation of the neighbours / Paul Flenley -- II. Country/Area Studies -- 4. Europeanisation and Russia / Tatiana Romanova -- 5. 'Bounded Europeanisation' : the case of Ukraine / Nadiia Bureiko, Teodor Lucian Moga -- 6. Belarus : Does Europeanisation require a geopolitical choice? / Kiryl Kascian -- 7. Relations between Moldova and the European Union / Kamil Calus, Marcin Kosienkowski -- 8. Value-oriented aspects of EU-isation : The case of the Balkans / Monika Eriksen -- 9. Turkey : Identity politics and reticent Europeanisation / Dimitris Tsarouhas -- III. Issues and Sectors -- 10. New Member States' economic relations with Russia : 'Europeanisation' or Bilateral Preferences? / Martin Dangerfield -- 11. EU Energy Security Policy in the Eastern Neighbourhood : Towards Europeanisation? / Edward Stoddard -- 12. The EU and the European Other : The Janus face of EU migration and visa policies in the neighbourhood / Igor Merheim-Eyre -- 13. 'Neighbour languages' : Europeanisation and language borders / Maria Stoicheva -- 14. Security and Democratisation : the case of the South Caucasus / Kevork Oskanian, Derek Averre -- Conclusion. Paul Flenley, Michael Mannin.

Book Jacket: "This volume is timely in that it explores key issues which are currently at the forefront of the EU's relations with its eastern neighbours. It considers the impact of a more assertive Russia, the significance of Turkey, the limitations of the Eastern Partnership with Belarus and Moldova, the position of a Ukraine in crisis and pulled between Russia and the EU, security and democracy in the South Caucasus. It looks at the contested nature of European identity in areas such as the Balkans. In addition it looks at ways in which the EU's interests and values can be tested in sectors such as trade and migration. The interplay between values, identity and interests and their effect on the interpretation of europeanisation between the EU and its neighbours is a core theme of the volume."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.