Routledge handbook of EU-Russian relations


Nasze zbiory wzbogaciły się o kolejną doskonałą książkę - tym razem jest to kompendium wiedzy o stosunkch Unii Europejskiej z Rosją z serii Routledge handbooks. Opracowanie ukazało się w lipcu br., liczy ponad 500 stron i obejmuje 40 rozdziałów napisanych specjalnie na potrzeby tego dzieła. Materiał został zgromadzony w 7 sekcjach (Evolving Relations / Theories, Methods and Learning / Political and Security Relations / Economic Relations / Social Relations / Regional Relations / EU, Russia and Global Governance), a każdy rozdział uzupełnia obszerna bibliografia. Poniżej szczegółowy spis treści i informacje z okładki. Zachęcam do lektury!

The Routledge handbook of EU-Russian relations : structures, actors, issues / edited by Tatiana Romanova and Maxine David. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2022. xxiii, 481 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. Routledge international handbooks. ISBN 9781138543676 (hardback) [Call No. 45858]

Table of Contents

Introduction - Through a Handbook: The Study of EU–Russia Relations / Tatiana Romanova and Maxine David

Part 1: Evolving Relations

01. The History of Russia-European Union Relations / Konstantin Khudoley and Мaciej Raś -- 02. The Dynamics of State and Societal Actors in Russia’s Policy on the EU / Tatiana Romanova -- 03. Intra-European Union Dynamics: The Interplay of Divergences and Convergences / Sandra Fernandes -- 04. The Normative Deadlock in EU–Russia Relations: Hegemony without Influence / Viacheslav Morozov -- 05. Ideas and Normative Competition in EU-Russian Relations / Joan DeBardeleben

Part 2: Theories, Methods and Learning

06. Realism and the Study of EU–Russian Relations / Nicholas Ross Smith and Anastassiya Yuchshenko -- 07. Power in EU–Russia Relations: More than Meets the Eye / Tom Casier -- 08. (Neo-)Institutionalism / Natalia Zaslavskaya -- 09. Europeanisation / Paul Flenley -- 10. Methods of Economic Analysis / Vasily Astrov -- 11. Constructivism in the Study of EU–Russian Relations /  Petr Kratochvíl -- 12. The EU–Russia Relationship through the Lens of Postcolonial Theory / Elena Pavlova

Part 3: Political and Security Relations

13. Political and Security Relationship / Dmitry Danilov -- 14. The EU and the Russian Federation and Human Rights: Similar Vocabularies, Opposing Grammars / Rick Fawn -- 15. The Human Rights Agenda in EU–Russia Relations: From A Political to Politicised Dialogue / Larisa Deriglazova -- 16. Cyber Security in EU–Russia Relations / Elena Chernenko -- 17. EU–Russian Relations in Justice and Home Affairs: A Mismatch between Form and Content? / Anna A. Dekalchuk -- 18. The Member States in EU–Russia Relations: Drivers of Cooperation and Sources of Conflict / Anke Schmidt-Felzmann -- 19. Legal Approximation: The Russian Perspective / Mark Entin and Paul Kalinichenko

Part 4: Economic Relations

20. Russia-EU Economic Relations: From moderate pull to normative push? / Richard Connolly and András Deák -- 21. EU–Russia Energy Relations / Irina Kustova -- 22. Policy of Sanctions in Russia-EU Relations / Ivan Timofeev -- 23. EU–EAEU Common Economic Space / Yuri Kofner and Dmitry Erokhin -- 24. EU–Russia Relations in the Science and Technology Field: the Persistence of the Legal Framework in the Context of Selective Engagement / Paul Kalinichenko

Part 5: Social Relations

25. Civil Society in the EU–Russia Relations / Elena Belokurova and Andrey Demidov -- 26. Building Trust through Academic Cooperation? / Larisa Deriglazova and Sirke Mäkinen -- 27. EU-Russia Cultural Relations and Identity Politics / Liubov Fadeeva -- 28. Unsocial Media in the EU and Russia / Maxine David -- 29. Epistemic Communities in EU–Russia Relations: A Dialogue of the Deaf? / Sabine Fischer

Part 6: Regional Relations

30. EU, Russia and the Question of Kaliningrad / Pertti Joenniemi -- 31. The Northern Dimension / Dmitry A. Lanko -- 32. EU–Russian Cross-Border Cooperation, Its Instruments and Programmes / Gleb Yarovoy -- 33. Russia and the EU in the Arctic / Alexander Sergunin -- 34. From a ‘Common’ to a ‘Contested’ Neighbourhood: Connecting Levels of Analysis in EU–Russia Interaction / Laure Delcour

Part 7: EU, Russia and Global Governance

35. Russia in the Liberal World Order / Maxine David and Ruth Deyermond -- 36. EU-Russia-US Relations: Diverging visions on European security / Maria Raquel Freire -- 37. Russia and the EU in Asia / Vasilii Kashin -- 38. The EU, Russia and the Middle East / Tuomas Forsberg -- 39. EU–Russia Relations in Multilateral Governmental Frameworks / Elena Kropatcheva -- 40. Unrealised Potential: The EU and Russia in Regional Multilateral Institutions / Sergey Utkin.

Book Jacket 

"The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations offers a comprehensive overview of the changing dynamics in relations between the EU and Russia provided by leading experts in the field. Coherently organised into seven parts, the book provides a structure through which EU-Russia relations can be studied in a comprehensive yet manageable fashion. It provides readers with the tools to deliver critical analysis of this sometimes volatile and polarising relationship, so new events and facts can be conceptualised in an objective and critical manner. Informed by high-quality academic research and key bilateral data/statistics, it further brings scope, balance and depth, with chapters contributed by a range of experts from the EU, Russia and beyond. Chapters deal with a wide range of policy areas and issues that are highly topical and fundamental to understanding the continuing development of EU-Russia relations, such as political and security relations, economic relations, social relations and regional and global governance. 

The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations aims to promote dialogue between the different research agendas in EU-Russia relations, as well as between Russian and Western scholars and, hopefully also, between civil societies. As such, it will be an essential reference for scholars, students, researchers, policymakers and journalists interested and working in the fields of Russian Politics/Studies, EU Studies/Politics, European Politics/Studies, Post-Communist/Post-Soviet Politics and International Relations. 

The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations is part of the mini-series Europe in the World Handbooks examining EU-regional relations and established by Professor Wei Shen".--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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