European Energy Law Report XIII


Kolejny tom z serii European Energy Law Report (vol. XII) jest juź dostępny w naszych zbiorach. Poniżej spis treści i informacje z okładki, natomiast na stronie wydawnictwa Intersentia (tutaj) można znaleźć więcej szczegółów, w tym wstęp i listę Autorów, którzy przyczynili się do wydania tego tomu, zapraszam.

European Energy Law Report XIII / ed. by Martha M. Roggenkamp, Catherine Banet. Cambridge : Intersentia, 2020. xxix, 469 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Energy & law series, ISBN 9781780689500 [46064]

Contents: Introduction / Martha M. Roggenkamp, Catherine Banet 

1. How is the Energy Sector Faring at the EU Courts? A Year in Review / Adrien De Hauteclocque, Elise Van Dijk, Daphne Ter Telgte 

Part I. Newcomers in the electricity market : aggregators and storage 

2. Newcomers in the Belgian Electricity Market : Aggregators / Thierry D'hoore -- 3. Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources in the United States : Current Uses and Potential for More Widespread Deployment / Joel B. Eisen -- 4. Potential Hurdles to the Regulation of Electricity Storage Development in the UK / Silke Goldberg, Jannis Bille -- 5. Power-to-Gas and Hydrogen for Energy Storage under EU Energy Law / Ruven Fleming, Gijs Kreeft 

Part II. Hydropower concessions in the EU : a need for liberalisation or privatisation? 

6. EU Law and Norwegian Hydropower Legislation : A Challenging Interface / Knut F. Kroepelien -- 7. The Legal Regime of Hydroelectric Licences in France / Bernard Kieffer -- 8. Hydropower Concessions in Italy / Filippo Donati -- 9. Hydroelectric Concessions : The Portuguese Legal Framework / Lourenco Vilhena De Freitas, Ines De Abreu Regio 

Part III. Investments and disinvestments in the energy sector 

10. The EU Approach to the Regulation of Guarantees of Origin / Dirk Van Evercooren -- 11. The Screening of Foreign Direct Investments into the European Union : Regulation 2019/452 and its Implications for Energy Investments / Cees Verbürg -- 12. Closure of Nuclear Power Plants in Germany, Sweden and France : Different Strategies for Different Results / Romain Mauger -- 13. Phasing Out Coal-Fired Power Plants in the European Union : Examples from the Netherlands and Germany / Lolke Braaksma, Ruven Fleming 

Part IV. Offshore decommissioning in the North Sea 

14. The Regulation of Decommissioning in the Netherlands : From Removal to Re-Use / Dinand Drankier, Martha M. Roggenkamp -- 15. Decommissioning of Offshore Installations upon the UK Continental Shelf / Greg Gordon, John Paterson -- 16. Regulation of Infrastructure Decommissioning in the Danish Offshore Oil and Gas Sector : The Final Chapter in the Danish Oil Adventure / Clara Greve Brett -- 17. Decommissioning Practice in Norway / Dag Erlend Henriksen 

Part V. CCS as a climate tool : North Sea practice 

18. CCS Legislation in Norway : The EU CCS Directive and its Implementation into Norwegian Law / Sofie Fogstad Vold -- 19. Developments in UK Carbon Capture and Storage / John Paterson -- 20. Carbon Capture and Storage in the Netherlands : A Long and Winding Process / Martha M. Roggenkamp

Part VI. From EU climate goals to national climate laws 

21. A Stocktake of Legal Research on the United Kingdom's Climate Change Act : Present Understandings, Future Opportunities / Thomas L. Muinzer, Gavin Mcleod Little -- 22. The Swedish Climate Policy Framework and the Climate Act / Kristina Forsbacka -- 23. Climate Litigation, Climate Act and Climate Agreement in the Netherlands / Gerrit Van Der Veen, Kars De Graaf.

Book Jacket: "The European Energy Law Reports are an initiative taken by the organisers of the European Energy Law Seminar which has been organised on an annual basis since 1989 at Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. The aim of this seminar is to present an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of International, EU and national energy and climate law. Whereas the first seminars concentrated on the developments at EC level, which were the results of the establishment of an Internal Energy Market, the focus has now gradually switched to the developments at the national level following the implementation of the EU Directives with regard to the internal electricity and gas markets. This approach can also be found in these reports. This volume includes chapters on “Newcomers in the Electricity Market: Aggregators and Storage”, “Hydropower Concessions in the EU: A Need for Liberalisation or Privatisation?”, “Investments and des-Investments in the Energy Sector”, “Offshore Decommissioning in the North Sea”, “CCS as a Climate Tool: North Sea Practice” and “From EU Climate Goals to National Climate Laws”."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.