Cambridge History of Communism


Wśród marcowych nabytków jest trzytomowa historia komunizmu światowego, The Cambridge History of Communism, która ukazała się nakładem wydawnictwa Cambridge University Press i jest dostępna w wydaniu w twardej i miękkiej okładce. Całość można nabyć w komplecie, dostępne są również opcje zakupu poszczególnych tomów. Zainteresowanych odsyłam na strony wydawnictwa, natomiast poniżej prezentuję szczegółowe spisy treści.

The Cambridge History of Communism. Volume I : World Revolution and Socialism in One Country 1917-1941 / edited by Silvio Pons, Stephen A. Smith. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2020. xx, 655 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. ISBN 9781107467361 vol. I paperback, 9781107092846 vol. I hardback [Call No. 46139]

Volume I : World Revolution and Socialism in One Country 1917-1941

Contents: General Introduction -- The History of Communism and the Global History of the Twentieth Century / Silvio Pons -- Introduction to Volume I / Silvio Pons, Stephen A. Smith -- I. Origins -- 1. Marxism and Socialist Revolution / Geoff Eley -- 2. The Russian Revolution and Civil War / Rex A. Wade -- 3. Revolution and Counterrevolution in Europe 1917-1923 / John Paul Newman -- 4. Lenin as Historical Personality / Robert Service -- 5. Bolshevik Roots of International Communism / Lars T. Lih -- 6. Stalin as Historical Personality / James Harris -- 7. Trotsky and Trotskyism / Bertrand M. Patenaude -- 8. Communism and the Crisis of the Colonial System / Sobhanlal Datta Gupta -- 9. The Comintern as a World Network / Serge Wolikow -- 10. The Popular Fronts and the Civil War in Spain / Tim Rees -- II. Patterns and Extensions -- 11. Communism, Violence and Terror / Hiroaki Kuromiya -- 12. The Soviet Government 1917-1941 / E. A. Rees -- 13. Migration and Social Transformations in Soviet Society 1917-1941 / Lewis H. Siegelbaum -- 14. Foundations of the Soviet Command Economy 1917-1941 / Mark Harrison -- 15. The Soviet State and Workers / Donald Filtzer -- 16. The Soviet State and Peasants / Nicolas Werth -- 17. Bolshevik Feminism and Gender Agendas of Communism / Anna Krylova -- 18. Communism, Nations and Nationalism / Andrea Graziosi -- 19. Communism, Youth and Generation / Matthias Neumann -- 20. Communism as Existential Choice / Brigitte Studer -- 21. Communism and Intellectuals / Michael David-Fox -- 22. Cults of the Individual / Kevin Morgan -- 23. German Communism / Eric D. Weitz -- 24. The Chinese Communist Movement 1919-1949 / Alexander V. Pantsov -- 25. Communism on the Frontier : The Sovietization of Central Asia and Mongolia / Adeeb Khalid.

Book Jacket: "The first volume of The Cambridge History of Communism deals with the tumultuous events from 1917 to the Second World War, such as the Russian Revolution and Civil War, the revolutionary turmoil in post-World War I Europe, and the Spanish Civil War. Leading experts analyse the ideological roots of communism, historical personalities such as Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky and the development of the Communist movement on a world scale against this backdrop of conflict that defined the period. It addresses the making of Soviet institutions, economy, and society while also looking at mass violence and relations between the state, workers, and peasants. It introduces crucial communist experiences in Germany, China, and Central Asia. At the same time, it also explores international and transnational communist practices concerning key issues such as gender, subjectivity, generations, intellectuals, nationalism, and the cult of personality."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

The Cambridge History of Communism. Volume II : The Socialist Camp and World Power 1941-1960s / edited by Norman Naimark, Silvio Pons, Spohie Quinn-Judge. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2020. xvi, 684 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. ISBN 9781107590014 vol. II paperback, 9781107133549 vol. II hardback [Call No. 46140]

Volume II : The Socialist Camp and World Power 1941-1960s

Contents: Introduction to Volume II / Norman Naimark, Silvio Pons, Sophie Quinn-Judge -- I. Expansion and Conflict -- 1. World War II, Soviet Power and International Communism / Evan Mawdsley -- 2. Anti-Fascist Resistance Movements in Europe and Asia During World War II / Alfred J. Rieber -- 3. The Sovietization of East Central Europe 1945-1989 / Norman Naimark -- 4. The Chinese Communist Revolution and the World / Chen Jian -- 5. Nikita Khrushchev and De-Stalinization in the Soviet Union 1953-1964 / Jörg Baberowski -- 6. The Changing Pattern of Soviet-East European Relations 1953-1968 / Mark Kramer -- 7. Post-Stalinist Reformism and the Prague Spring / Pavel Kolář -- 8. The Socialist Modernization of China Between Soviet Model and National Specificity 1949-1960s / Thomas P. Bernstein -- 9. The Chinese Cultural Revolution / Andrew G. Walder -- 10. The Rise and the Fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance 1949-1989 / Sergey Radchenko -- 11. Mao Zedong as a Historical Personality / Daniel Leese -- 12. Cold War Anti-Communism and the Impact of Communism on the West / Federico Romero -- II. Becoming Global, Becoming National -- 13. Communism, Decolonization and the Third World / Andreas Hilger -- 14. The Socialist Camp and the Challenge of Economic Modernization in the Third World / Sara Lorenzini -- 15. The Cuban Revolution : The First Decade / Piero Gleijeses -- 16. Latin American Communism / Victor Figueroa Clark -- 17. The History of the Vietnamese Communist Party 1941-1975 / Sophie Quinn-Judge -- 18. Korean Communism : From Soviet Occupation to Kim Family Regime / Charles Armstrong -- 19. Indonesian Communism : The Perils of the Parliamentary Path / John Roosa -- 20. Communism in India / Hari Vasudevan -- 21. Comparing African Experiences of Communism / Allison Drew -- 22. Communism in the Arab World and Iran / Johan Franzén -- 23. Yugoslav Communism and the Yugoslav State / Ivo Banac -- 24. Italian Communism / Giovanni Gozzini -- 25. The French Communist Party / Marc Lazar -- 26. American Communism / Phillip Deery.

Book Jacket: "The second volume of The Cambridge History of Communism explores the rise of Communist states and movements after World War II. Leading experts analyze archival sources from formerly Communist states to re-examine the limits to Moscow's control of its satellites; the de-Stalinization of 1956; Communist reform movements; the rise and fall of the Sino-Soviet alliance; the growth of Communism in Asia, Africa and Latin America; and the effects of the Sino-Soviet split on world Communism. Chapters explore the cultures of Communism in the United States, Western Europe and China, and the conflicts engendered by nationalism and the continued need for support from Moscow. With the danger of a new Cold War developing between former and current Communist states and the West, this account of the roots, development and dissolution of the socialist bloc is essential reading."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

The Cambridge History of Communism. Volume III : Endgames? Late Communism in Global Perspective, 1968 to the Present / edited by Juliane Fürst, Silvio Pons, Mark Selden. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2020. xv, 645 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. ISBN 9781316501597 vol. III paperback, 9781107135642 vol. III hardback [Call No. 46141]

Volume III : Endgames? Late Communism in Global Perspective, 1968 to the Present

Contents: Introduction to Volume III / Juliane Fürst, Silvio Pons, Mark Selden -- I. Globalism and Crisis -- 1. The Global 1968 and International Communism / Robert Gildea -- 2. The Vietnam War as a World Event / Marilyn B. Young, Sophie Quinn-Judge -- 3. The Soviet Union and the Global Cold War / Artemy M. Kalinovsky -- 4. Marxist Revolutions and Regimes in Latin America and Africa in the 1970s / Piero Gleijeses -- 5. Cambodia : Detonator of Communism's Implosion / Ben Kiernan -- 6. Human Rights and Communism / Mark Philip Bradley -- 7. Reform Communism / Silvio Pons, Michele Di Donato -- 8. The Decline of Soviet-Type Economies / André Steiner -- 9. Europe's “1989” in Global Context / James Mark, Tobias Rupprecht -- 10. The Collapse of the Soviet Union / Vladislav M. Zubok -- II. Everyday Socialism and Lived Experiences -- 11. The Aging Pioneer : Late Soviet Socialist Society, Its Challenges and Challengers / Juliane Fürst, Stephen V. Bittner -- 12. Communism and Religion / Stephen A. Smith -- 13. Visualizing the Socialist Public Sphere / Reuben Fowkes -- 14. Communist Propaganda and Media in the Era of the Cold War / Stephen Lovell -- 15. The Zones of Late Socialist Literature / Polly Jones -- 16. Feminism, Communism and Global Socialism : Encounters and Entanglements / Celia Donert -- 17. The Communist and Postsocialist Gender Order in Russia and China / Marko Dumančić -- III. Transformations and Legacies -- 18. Make Some Get Rich First : State Consumerism and Private Enterprise in the Creation of Postsocialist China / Karl Gerth -- 19. China's Human Development After Socialism / Carl Riskin -- 20. China's Postsocialist Transformation and Global Resurgence : Political Economy and Geopolitics / Ho-fung Hung, Mark Selden -- 21. Communism and Environment / Douglas R. Weiner -- 22. Legacies of Communism : Comparative Remarks / Jan C. Behrends -- 23. State Communism at 100 : Remembering and Forgetting the Russian Revolution / Jan Plamper -- 24. Thirty Years After : The End of European Communism in Historical Perspective / Charles S. Maier.

Book Jacket: "The third volume of The Cambridge History of Communism spans the period from the 1960s to the present, documenting the last two decades of the global Cold War and the collapse of Soviet socialism. An international team of scholars analyze the rise of China as a global power continuing to proclaim its Maoist allegiance, and the transformation of the geopolitics and political economy of Cold War conflict in an era of increasing economic interpenetration. Beneath the surface, profound political, social, economic and cultural changes were occurring in the socialist and former socialist countries, resulting in the collapse and transformations of the existing socialist order and the changing parameters of world Marxism. This volume draws on innovative research to bring together history from above and below, including social, cultural, gender, and transnational history to transcend the old separation between Communist studies and the broader field of contemporary history."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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