Handbook of China's International Relations


Przy okazji kompletowania lektur do jednego z nowych kursów do naszych zbiorów trafił kolejny handbook wydawnictwa Routledge. Tym razem jest to zbiór tekstów dotyczących chińskiej polityki zagranicznej:

Handbook of China's International Relations / edited by Shaun Breslin. London ; New York : Routledge, 2014. xiii, 259 p. ; 25 cm. Routledge international handbooks, ISBN 9781857438017 (pbk) 9781857435085 (hbk) [Call No. 46117]

Spis treści:

Contents: 1. Introduction. China's new diplomacy : old wine in a new bottle? / Jean-Pierre Cabestan 

I. Ideas and interests 

2. Researching international relations in China : from security to international political economy / Wang Zhengyi -- 3. Policy-making processes of Chinese foreign policy : the role of policy communities and think tanks / Quansheng Zhao -- 4. Popular participation : civil society, diverse publics and internet in response to Chinese diplomacy / Simon Shen 

II. Issues 

5. Keeping the past alive : the use of history in China's foreign relations / Christian A. Hess -- 6. On being sovereign during a time of increased interdependence : China's evolving approach to sovereignty and its implications for Chinese foreign relations / Allen Carlson -- 7. Oiling the wheels of foreign policy? Energy security and China's international relations / Zha Daojiong, Shaun Breslin -- 8. Human rights and China's international relations / Rosemary Foot -- 9. China's soft power diplomacy in the 21st century / Kerry Brown -- 10. China and global governance : status quo power or challenge to the global order? / Giovanni B. Andornino -- 11. Integrating into the international community? Chinese peace-keeping operations / Shogo Suzuki -- 12. Modernizing the People's Liberation Army : aims and implications / Tai Ming Cheung 

III. Relations 

13. Less beautiful, still somewhat imperialist : Beijing eyes Sino-US relations / Gregory J. Moore -- 14. China and Japan : between co-operation and competition / Reinhard Drifte -- 15. China's 'backyard' : relations with the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia / Robert G. Sutter -- 16. China's relations with Europe : towards a 'normal' relationship? / Chen Zhimin, John Armstrong -- 17. Security, strategy and the former USSR : China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation / Marc Lanteigne -- 18. Playing by the rules? Sino-Middle Eastern relations / Muhamad Olimat -- 19. A challenge to the global liberal order? the growing Chinese relationship with Africa / Ian Taylor -- 20. China's deepening ties with Latin America : a work in progress / Riordan Roett -- 21. South Asia in China's strategic calculus / David Scott -- 22. Looking south : China's Oceanic relations / Nicholas Thomas.

Book Jacket: "In a relatively short period of time, the study of China’s international relations has gone from being a topic that interested a fairly small group of scholars and analysts to one that is close to – if not actually at – the centre of academic and policy agendas. Moreover, it is not just the importance of these relations that have changed, but also their type and scale. China’s relations with the USA and questions of ‘great power’ politics may continue to dominate, with relations with the rest of Asia coming a close second; but economic interactions, and their political consequences, with countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are also becoming increasingly important, and have implications far beyond the price and distribution of key commodities."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.