Routledge Handbook of State Recognition


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Routledge Handbook of State Recognition / edited by Gëzim Visoka, John Doyle and Edward Newman. London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2021. xx, 499 p. ; 25 cm. Routledge Handbooks, ISBN 9781032177274 (paperback) 9780815354871 (hardback) 9781351131759 (ebk.) [Call No. 46074]

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Introduction. Statehood and recognition in world politics / Gëzim Visoka, Edward Newman, John Doyle 

I: Theoretical and Normative Perspectives 

Theories of state recognition / Rowan Nicholson, Thomas D. Grant -- The evolution of state recognition / Mikulas Fabry -- International law and state recognition / Peter Radan -- Sovereignty, self-determination, and state recognition / Costas Laoutides -- The ethics of state recognition / Christopher Naticchia -- Power politics and state recognition / Milena Sterio -- International recognition and human rights treaties / Ralph Wilde -- State recognition in a transitional international order / Edward Newman

II: Pathways to Independent Statehood 

Pathways to independence and state recognition / James Summers -- Dynamics of secession and state birth / Ryan Griffiths -- Referendums and recognition of states / Matt Qvortrup -- Unilateral secession / Aleksandar Pavkovic -- Remedial secession / Michel Seymour 

III: Actors, Forms, and the Process of State Recognition 

Bilateral recognition of states / Brad R. Roth -- Recognition of governments / M.J. Peterson -- Statehood and collective recognition : practice of states and UN organs / Jure Vidmar -- Collective non-recognition of states / Nina Caspersen -- Engagement without recognition / Bruno Coppieters -- Parliamentary recognition / Chiara Loda, John Doyle -- Recognition of states by regional organisations: the European Union's contested experience / Gëzim Visoka, Edward Newman -- International court of justice and the recognition of states / Gentian Zyberi -- The counter-diplomacy of state recognition / James Ker-Lindsay -- State fragility and diplomatic recognition / Nicolas Lemay-Hébert -- The derecognition of states / Gëzim Visoka -- Contested states and their everyday quest for recognition / Dimitris Bouris, Irene Fernandez-Molina 

IV: Case Studies of Contemporary State Recognition 

Palestine / Yaser Alashqar -- Taiwan / Timothy S. Rich, Andi Dahmer -- Western Sahara / Irene Fernandez-Molina, Matthew Porges -- South Sudan / Walt Kilroy -- Kosovo / Gëzim Visoka -- Somaliland / Scott Pegg -- Abkhazia and South Ossetia / Donnacha O Beacháin -- Transdniestria and Northern Cyprus / Daria Isachenko -- Brexit and the question of Irish unity / Eileen Connolly, John Doyle -- Towards a critical agenda on state recognition / Gëzim Visoka.

Book Jacket: "This new handbook provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of the theoretical and empirical aspects of state recognition in international politics. Although the recognition of states plays a central role in shaping global politics, it remains an under-researched and widely dispersed subject. Coherently and innovatively structured, the handbook brings together a group of international scholars who examine the most important theoretical and comparative perspectives on state recognition, including debates about pathways to secession and self-determination, the broad range of actors and strategies that shape the recognition of states, and a significant number of contemporary case studies."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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