Wystawa książek: Gaia Vince


W czytelni na parterze zorganizowaliśmy wystawę książek, które napisała Gaia Vince, gość specjalny organizowanej w dniu jutrzejszym konferencji dotyczącej migracji klimatycznej 'Climate Makes People Move' (więcej szczegółów tutaj). 

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Nomad Century : How to Survive the Climate Upheaval / Gaia Vince. [London] : Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books, 2022. xix, [ii], 259, [1] pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. ISBN 9780241522318 [Call No. 46425]

Book Jacket: "An urgent investigation of the most underreported, seismic consequence of climate change: how it will force us to change where - and how - we live. We are facing a species emergency. With every degree of temperature rise, a billion people will be displaced from the zone in which humans have lived for thousands of years. While we must do everything we can to mitigate the impact of climate change, the brutal truth is that huge swathes of the world are becoming uninhabitable. From Bangladesh to Sudan to the western United States, and in cities from Cardiff to New Orleans to Shanghai, the quadruple threat of drought, heat, wildfires and flooding will utterly reshape Earth's human geography in the coming decades. In this rousing call to arms, Royal Society Science Book Prize-winning author Gaia Vince describes how we can plan for and manage this unavoidable climate migration while we restore the planet to a fully habitable state. The vital message of this book is that migration is not the problem - it's the solution. Drawing on a wealth of eye-opening data and original reporting, Vince shows how migration brings benefits not only to migrants themselves, but to host countries, many of which face demographic crises and labour shortages. As Vince describes, we will need to move northwards as a species, into the habitable fringes of Europe, Asia and Canada and the greening Arctic circle. While the climate catastrophe is finally getting the attention it deserves, the inevitability of mass migration has been largely ignored. In Nomad Century, Vince provides, for the first time, an examination of the most pressing question facing humanity."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

Transcendence : How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty and Time / Gaia Vince. London : Penguin Books, 2020. xvii, 294, (1) pages ; 20 cm. ISBN 9780141984209 [Call No. 46464]

Book Jacket: "Our species has been on Earth for little more than 200,000 years, just a fraction of the history of life - and yet in that short period, we have gone from a group of simple foragers to a planet-dominating force, capable of everything from art to atom bombs. In Transcendence, Gaia Vince shows how it happened. Although prevailing theory holds that a recent cognitive revolution transformed humans, Vince argues that we are the product of a unique coevolution of our genes, environment, and culture. Beginning hundreds of thousands of years ago, with four key drivers - fire, language, beauty, and time - it set our species on a new path, unleashing a compounding process that propelled us from the Stone Age to the Space Age and continues to transform us today. Provocative and poetic, Transcendence shows how our species slipped the bonds of biological life to determine the course of its own destiny. And it asks: Now that we have remade our world, what are we doing to ourselves?"--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

Adventures in the Anthropocene : A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made / Gaia Vince. London : Vintage, 2019. 464 pages ; 18 cm. ISBN 9781784873615 [Call No. 46460

Book Jacket: "In recent decades human beings have altered the planet beyond anything it has experienced in its 4.5 billion-year history. We have become a force on a par with earth-shattering asteroids and planet-cloaking volcanoes. As a result, our planet is said to be crossing a geological boundary - from the Holocene into the Anthropocene, or the Age of Man. Gaia Vince quit her job to travel the world and to explore what all these changes really mean to our daily lives. She discovers the shocking ways in which we have reshaped our living planet and reveals the ingenious solutions we’ve evolved to engineer Earth for the future."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

Planète en marche : Construisons ensemble le monde de demain / Gaia Vince ; traduit de l'anglais (Royaume-Uni) par Odile Demange [Titre original : Adventure in the Anthropocene, 2014]. Paris : Buchet-Chastel, 2015. 329, (1) pages ; 21 cm. Collection La verte, ISBN 9782283028773 [Call No. 46461].

Book Jacket: "Notre planète est entrée dans une nouvelle ère géologique, l'anthropocène, et traverse aujourd'hui une crise sans précédent. Elle doit affronter de nombreux défis, notamment les effets du changement climatique et l'imprévisibilité des conditions météorologiques, la pollution, la perte de la biodiversité, la fonte des glaciers et les migrations forcées... Face à ce constat alarmant, Gaia Vince décide de parcourir le monde afin de comprendre comment faire face à ces bouleversements : c'est l'occasion pour elle de faire des rencontres extraordinaires : en Asie, en Afrique ou en Amérique, des femmes et des hommes proposent déjà, au niveau local, des solutions parfois surprenantes, souvent inventives, dont nous pourrions tous nous inspirer. Car au final, la seule question qui demeure est la suivante : quelle planète souhaitons-nous transmettre aux générations futures ? Cette édition correspond à une version légèrement abrégée du livre."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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