Hague Yearbook of International Law vol. 24 (2011)

Na półce w sekcji roczników już pojawił się 24 tom Hague Yearbook of International Law (2011) wydawnictwa Brill (imprint Martinus Nijhoff Publishers). Biblioteka w Natolinie dysponuje kompletem tego tytułu, a o znaczących zmianach, które zostały wprowadzone w poprzednim roczniku pisałem już wcześniej.

Z kronikarskiego obowiązku spis treści poniżej:

The Hague Conference on Private International Law: Asser's Vision and an Evolving Mission / Hans van Loon -- Rediscovering the Public Dimension of Private International Law / Alex Mills -- Managing Legal Diversity – New Challenges for Private International Law / Aukje A.H. van Hoek -- Looking Forward in the Spirit of Asser: Identifying Developments in the Global Society that Need to Be Addressed in International Law / Hans Corell - Hague Conference on Private International Law – Work in 2011 / Micah R. Thorner and Abigail Ludwig -- Enforceability of International Choice of Court Agreements: Impact of the Hague Convention on the US and EU Legal System / Nino Sievi -- Public International Law -- International Law as a Legal Basis for Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention / Dovile Morkyte -- The Use of Force in International Law and the UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 & 1973 on Libya / Charles Riziki Majinge -- Self-defence and the International Court of Justice: A Review of Recent ICJ Case Law and Opinions Concerning Article 51 of the UN Charter / Elizabeth Campbell -- Terrorism and the Non-State Actor in the 2011 Interlocutory Decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon / Noemi Gal-Or -- Think Globally, Act Locally: Al-Jedda’s Oscillation between the Coherence of International Law and Autonomy of the European Legal Order / Kushtrim Istrefi and Zane Ratniece -- L’Organisation internationale du Travail et le travail des enfants: a propos de la Convention no 182 sur les pires formes de travail des enfants / Mamoud Zani -- International Investment Law and Arbitration -- Member States' Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Lost in Transition? / Nikos Lavranos -- Umbrella Clauses and Their Policy Implications / Taida Begić Šarkinović -- Treaty Shopping Through Corporate Restructuring of Investments: Legitimate Corporate Planning or Abuse of Rights? / Yael Ribco Borman -- Review of a Foreign Arbitral Award by National Courts: A Comparative Study in Common Law and Civil Law Countries / Ihab Amro -- The Coherence of International Law: An Illustration by International Investment Law / Yannick Radi.