An Introduction to European Law

An Introduction to European Law (2nd ed.) / Robert Schütze. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015, ISBN 9781107530324 (pbk) 9781107111813 (hbk) [do katalogu tędy]

Druga edycja popularnego podręcznika do prawa UE autorstwa Roberta Schütze jest już dostępna w naszych zbiorach. Poniżej spis treści, a na stronach wydawcy opcja pozwalająca na zapoznanie się z treścią i dodatkowe informacje na temat tego w pełni już 'zlizbonizowanego' wydania.

Contents:  Part I. European Law : Creation -- 1. Union Institutions -- 2. Union Legislation -- 3. Union Competences -- 4. Fundamental Rights -- Part II. European Law : Enforcement -- 5. Direct Effect -- 6. (Legal) Supremacy -- 7. National Actions -- 8. European Actions -- Part III. European Law : Substance -- 9. Internal Market : Goods I -- 10. Internal Market : Goods II -- 11. Internal Market: Persons -- 12. Competition Law : Cartels. 

Book Jacket:  "Written with exceptional clarity, simplicity and precision, this short textbook provides a classic introduction to European law. Using a clear structural framework, it guides students through the subject's core elements and key issues, from the creation and enforcement of European law to the workings of the internal market. Chapters are enriched with figures and tables to clarify difficult topics and illustrate relationships and processes, ensuring that students understand even the most complex of concepts. The second edition has been updated throughout and includes an entirely new chapter on the internal market for goods. Two new practical appendices offer suggestions for further reading and guide readers through the process of finding and reading EU Court judgments. A companion website features full 'Lisbonised' versions of the cases cited in the text, links to EU legislation, downloadable figures and textbook updates."--BOOK JACKET. 

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