OSCE Yearbook 2015

21-szy tom OSCE Yearbook (OSCE Yearbook 2015. Yearbook on the Organization for Security and Coperation in Europe (OSCE) / Herausgegeben von Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg / IFSH. 2016, ISBN 9783848729821) jest już dostępny w naszych zbiorach. Informacje dodatkowe ze strony wydawcy: "In a highly eventful year, the OSCE Yearbook 2015 assembles a compendium of insightful analysis and reports by leading practitioners and experts on events relating to the Organization, its 57 participating States, and the state of European security in all its dimensions. A special focus section looks at European security 40 years after the signing of the Helsinki Final Act. It includes acontribution by Germany's Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a critical review of the original CSCE process by Reinhard Mutz, and several in-depth analyses of European security and Russian-Western relations. A second focal point is the Ukraine crisis. Two key OSCE actors, Heidi Tagliavini and Claus Neukirch, provide first-hand accounts of the Organization's work in the areas of mediation and monitoring. Further contributions explore the role played by the ODIHR in Ukraine, the OSCE's overall approach to crisis management, and the link between conventional arms control and crisis management. Finally, P. Terrence Hopmann compares the current situation to the Ukraine crisis of 1992-96. Additional topics explored in the OSCE Yearbook 2015 include non-citizens in the Baltic states; the OSCE's field presences in Uzbekistanand Moldova; political developments in Georgia and the Western Balkans; religion and culture in Tajikistan; the withdrawal of ISAF from Afghanistan; the Islamic State's attempts to expand into Central Asia; the growth of right-wing populism in Europe; religious tolerance and the limits of satire; the importance of human security in the Mediterranean refugee crisis; the OSCE and the Arms Trade Treaty; the OSCE's Border Monitoring Operation in Georgia; and the history of OSCE involvement with civil society. The OSCE Yearbook includes extensive annexes with facts and figures on the participating States, a list of recent events, and a selected current bibliography."

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OSCE Yearbook 2015. Yearbook on the Organization for Security and Coperation in Europe (OSCE) / Herausgegeben von Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg / IFSH. 2016, ISBN 9783848729821 

Contents: Foreword by the Secretary General of the OSCE / Lamberto Zannier -- Preface / Ursel Schlichting.

I. States of Affairs - Affairs of State

Focus: The OSCE and European Security 40 Years after Helsinki: Not a Concert of Powers, But an Ensemble  of Peace: What We Can Learn from Helsinki for European Security in the 21st Century / Frank-Walter Steinmeier -- The CSCE up to the End of the Cold War: What It Achieved  and Where It Failed / Reinhard Mutz -- The Geopolitics  of European Security and Co-operation: The Consequences of US-Russia Tension / Matthew Rojansky -- Russia and the West in the European  Security Architecture: Clash of Interests or a Security Dilemma? / Mikhail Troitskiy -- On Reinvigorating European Security / David J. Galbreath -- The Ukraine Crisis and the Role of the OSCE from a French Perspective / Maxime Lefebvre

The OSCE Participating States: Domestic Developments and Multilateral Commitment: Consolidation in Georgia: Democracy or Power? / David Aprasidze -- The Relationship between Religious and National Elements in the Social Consciousness of Tajiks / Ghaffor J. Mirzoev -- Islamist Threats to Central Asia / Thomas Kunze, Michail Logvinov -- The Political Requirements for IS Prevention in Central Asia / Arne C. Seifert -- Nationalism, EU Integration, and Stability in the Western Balkans / Jenny Nordman -- Capitalizing on Fear: The Rise of Right-Wing Populist Movements in Western Europe / Daniela Pisoiu, Reem Ahmed

II. Responsibilities, Instruments, Mechanisms, and Procedures

Conflict Prevention and Dispute Settlement: Non-Citizens in Estonia and Latvia: Time for Change in Changing Times? / Jennifer Croft -- The OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan / Gyorgy Szabo -- The Current and Future Challenges for the OSCE Mission to Moldova / Samuel Goda

Focus on the Ukraine Crisis: Mediation in the Crisis in Eastern Ukraine up to 23 June 2015 / Heidi Tagliavini -- The Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine in Its Second Year: Ongoing OSCE Conflict Management in Ukraine / Claus Neukirch -- The OSCE and the Crisis in and around Ukraine: First Lessons for Crisis Management / Fred Tanner -- OSCE / ODIHR's Responses to the Crisis in and around Ukraine / Jean P. Froehly -- The Link between Conventional Arms Control and Crisis Management / Hans-Joachim Schmidt -- The OSCE's  Contrasting Roles in Managing the Ukraine / Crimea Crises in 1992-96 and 2014-15 / P. Terrence Hopmann

Comprehensive Security: The Three Dimensions and Cross-Dimensional Challenges: How Tolerant Do Religions Need to Be to Serve Peace? Considerations of Tolerance and Satire after the Attacks in Paris and Copenhagen in January and February 2015 / Reinhold Mokrosch -- Managing Migration in the Mediterranean: Is the EU Failing to Balance State Security, Human Security, and Human Rights? / Omar Grech, Monika Wohlfeld -- The OSCE and the Arms Trade Treaty: Complementarity and Lessons Learned / Paul Holtom -- The 1999-2004 Georgia Border Monitoring Operation and the 2005-2009 Follow-up Projects - Lessons Learned and Potential Offerings for Future Engagement / Rory McCorley

III. Organizational Aspects

OSCE Institutions and Structures -- Civil Society in the OSCE: From Human Rights Advocacy to Peacebuilding / Natascha Cerny Ehtesham, Laurent Goetschel

Annexes -- Back to Diplomacy. Final Report and Recommendations of the Panel of Eminent Persons on European Security as a Common Project -- Forms and Forums of Co-operation in the OSCE Area -- The 57 OSCE Participating States - Facts and Figures -- OSCE Conferences, Meetings, and Events 2014/2015 -- OSCE Selected Bibliography 2014/2015 -- Abbreviations -- Contributors.

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