International Antitrust Law & Policy 2015

Annual proceedings of the Fordham Competition Law Institute : International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2015 / ed. James Keyte. 2016, Juris Publishing, Inc., ISBN 9781578234936 - materiały z kolejnej konferencji organizowanej przez Fordham Competition Law Institute (FCLI) są już dostępne w naszych zbiorach. Szczegółowy spis treści znajduje się poniżej, informacje o zawartości wcześniejszych tomów wydanych w tej serii można znaleźć tutaj.

Table of contents: Chapter 1: Introduction and welcome to the 42nd Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy / James Keyte -- Chapter 2: Tribute to Barry Hawk / A. Paul Victor, Eleanor Fox, Bruno Lasserre, Eduardo Perez, Motta Larry Sorkin -- Chapter 3: Response to the keynote remarks / Bruno Lasserre -- Chapter 4: Keynote remarks / Renata B. Hesse, Bruno Lasserre -- Chapter 5: The Danish competition regime / Bitten Thorgaard Sorensen -- Chapter 6: Setting up an efficient autonomous competition agency in Mexico / Alejandra Palacios Prieto -- Chapter 7: Effective strategies for dealing with enforcement agencies here and there / Mark Ryan, David Lawsky, Eduardo Perez Motta, Richard G. Parker, Bitten Thorgaard Sorensen, Eric J. Stock -- Chapter 8: When does an agreement restrict competition? The economics of object infringement cases / Helen Jenkins -- Chapter 9: Women in antitrust / Fiona Schaeffer, Helen Jenkins, Sharis Pozen, Alejandra Palacios Prieto, Ingrid Vandenborre -- Chapter 10: Introduction and welcome to the 42nd Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy day two / James Keyte -- Chapter 11: Keynote remarks day two / Margrethe Vestager, Edith Ramirez -- Chapter 12: Jurisdiction issues in civil litigation cases in the European Union: Dutch courts readily assume jurisdiction on basis of EU framework / Rein Wesseling, Marieke Bredenoord-Spoek -- Chapter 13: Quantification of damage on both sides of the Atlantic: What’s the difference? / Frank Maier-Rigaud, Christopher Milde, Peter Bonisch -- Chapter 14: Private litigation in the EU / Rein Wesseling, Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, Michael Hausfeld, Frank P. Maier-Rigaud, Stephen Neuwirth -- Chapter 15: Parallel trade restrictions in ecommerce and the transition to the digital single market / Ingrid Vandenborre, Rupert Phillips -- Chapter 16: Media mergers / Arthur Burke, C. Scott Hemphill, Nicholas Levy, Sheldon Mills, Sophie Moonen, Jonathan Sallet -- Chapter 17: Antitrust in a mobile world / Jonathan M. Jacobson, Yonatan Even, Scott Martin, Mark Israel, Helen Weeds -- Chapter 18: Introduction to the antitrust economics for young (and old) lawyers workshop / James Keyte -- Chapter 19: Antitrust fundamentals and microeconomic concepts for lawyers / Joanna Tsai, Nicholas Hill, Sara Razi, Joshua D. Wright -- Chapter 20: Regression analysis and other basic tools for antitrust practitioners / Peter Boberg, Kenneth Schwartz, Tor Winston -- Chapter 21: Advanced empirical methods / Kivanc A. Kirgiz, D. Bruce Hoffman, John Asker, Laura Collins -- Chapter 22: Applying advanced empirical methods / Kostis Hatzitaskos, Aviv Nevo. Hillary Burchuk. Jeff Jaeckel.