Challenges of Good Governance

Dzięki uprzejmości Prof. Grzeszczaka do naszych zbiorów została włączona książka Challenges of Good Governance in the European Union / Robert Grzeszczak (ed.). Baden-Baden : Nomos, 2016. Series: German and European Studies of the Willy Brandt Center at the Wrocław University. ISBN 9783848731800 (print) 9783845275451 (ePDF) [42685]. Spis treści i informacje z obwoluty poniżej, więcej informacji na stronie wydawnictwa Nomos.

Contents: The Challenge of Good Governance: An introduction / Robert Grzeszczak -- I. Change of the paradigms: From government to good governance? -- 1. Approaches to (good) governance in the European Union / Ireneusz P. Karolewski -- 2. Good Governance and Public Administration / Jerzy Supernat -- 3. Good Governance and Human Rights. The Right to Good Administration / Michalina Szpyrka -- 4. Think tanks as good governance brokers / Monika Sus -- 5. Good governance in the judicial system - enhancing the effectiveness of the judicial protection / Jagna Mucha -- II. Public participation and government effectiveness -- 1. The development of the concept of EU citizenship through the incremental acceptance of citizens' rights / Magdalena Gniadzik -- 2. Tackling discrimination in the European Union / Magdalena Gniadzik -- 3. The high level of security / Anna Kańciak -- 4. Development of information society services / Anna Kańciak -- 5. The good governance rule and balancing the interests of employers and employees in the EU / Piotr Kwasiborski -- 6. Good Governance thorough Better Regulation. Looking for the impact analysis approach to the proportionality principle / Jędrzej Maśnicki -- 7. The access to e-justice and its benefits for citizens and business environment / Jagna Mucha -- III. The practice of good governance at the EU and national level -- 1. Initiatives supporting the internal and external security of the EU and its member states / Anna Kańciak -- 2. Into the light of good governance - what is the role of transparency in health law? / Atina Krajewska -- 3. The impact of the informatisation of the judiciary on the efficiency and effectiveness of public duties - case study / Kamil Mroczka -- 4. The impact of the principles of good governance on the EU Investment Law / Jagna Mucha -- 5. Good governance at the local level. The EGTC as a tool for cross-border cooperation / Elżbieta Opiłowska -- 6. Mutual recognition of official documents as an example of an initiative that brings the European Union closer to its citizens / Ewelina Tomczak, Michalina Szpyrka -- 7. Good governance at the metropolitan level. Examples of institutional practice in selected Polish metropolitan areas / Aldona Wiktorska-Swięcka.

Book Jacket: "The implementation of the principle of good governance includes a number of detailed initiatives. The book deals with one of the most significant problems, that is, the functioning of the public sector in theory and in practice. The objectives of this book were formulated in reaction to the discussion that was started a decade ago concerning the role of the state in the 21st century, the future of integration processes and the facing of globalisation challenges. Currently, good governance is associated with the improvement of management methods in the European Union in all aspects of the realisation of domestic and EU policies, going beyond the issues of state capacity and the effectiveness of management. The importance of issues related to social participation in the work of administration and the verification of public authorities’ (and administration) decisions is growing. Indirectly, all the abovementioned refer to the social legitimisation of public performances in the European Union."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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