Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies vol. 17 (2015)

Tom 17 (2015) Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies (ISSN 1528-8870) jest już w naszym zasobie drukowanym. Rocznik nie jest już wydawany przez Hart Publishing (obecnie Bloomsbury) - począwszy od tomu 17-go wydawcą jest Cambridge University Press (tędy). Tradycyjnie spis treści znajduje się poniżej, z zawartością wcześniejszych roczników można zapoznać się tutaj. Miłej lektury!

Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies vol. 17 (2015): Editors' Preface -- States' Equality v States' Power: the Euro-crisis, Inter-state Relations and the Paradox of Domination / Federico Fabbrini -- A Channel Apart: Why the United Kingdom has Departed from the European Commission’s Recommendation on Class Actions / Rachael Mulheron -- Differentiation and Dysfunction: An Exploration of Post-Legislative Guidance Practices in 14 EU Agencies / Steven Vaughan -- The Geographical Scope of the EU's Climate Responsibilities / Joanne Scott -- The Use of International Treaty Law by the Court of Justice of the European Union / Jed Odermatt -- Travaux to the EU Treaties: Preparatory Work as a Source of EU Law / Samuli Miettinen, Merita Kettunen -- Between Discursive and Exclusive Autonomy – Opinion 2/13, the Protection of Fundamental Rights and the Autonomy of EU Law / Benedikt H. Pirker, Stefan Reitemeyer -- Business Freedoms and Employment Rights in the European Union / Jeremias Prassl -- Composing Europe's Fundamental Rights Area: A Case for Discursive Pluralism / Louise Halleskov Storgaard -- Between Law and Political Truth? Member State Preferences, EU Free Movement Rules and National Immigration Law / Jo Shaw -- The Legalisation of European Union Foreign Policy and the Use of Sanctions / Paul James Cardwell -- In the Aftermath of the Crisis – The EU Administrative System Between Impediments and Momentum / Edoardo Chiti -- Transatlantic Regulatory Interdependence, Law and Governance: The Evolving Roles of the EU and US Legislatures / Davor Jancic -- What We Talk About When We Talk About Harmonisation / Marcus Klamert.