German Yearbook of International Law vol. 59 (2016)

Kolejny tom w naszej kolekcji German Yearbook of International Law jest już w Natolinie. Dodatkowe informacje z witryny GYIL: "Vol. 59′s Forum Section will evaluate the Paris Climate Agreement. In its Focus Section, several “frozen conflicts” and their interaction with public international law are presented. The General Articles Section will deal with the foundations of customary international law, ambiguity in law, the international crime of genocide, Certain Iranian Assets, EU Trade Agreements, and other subjects."

German Yearbook of International Law = Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht / Andreas von Arnauld, Kerstin von der Decken (eds.). Volume 59 (2016), 658 Seiten, 2017, Berlin : Duncker & Humblot GmBH, ISBN 9783428153572 (Print)

Table of Contents: Forum: Paris Climate Agreement -- The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Less is More / Jorge E. Vinuales – Focus: Frozen Conflicts: How Does PIL Deal with Them? -- Three Years After Annexation: Of ‘Frozen Conflicts’ and How to Characterise Crimea / Thomas D. Grant -- Self-Determination and Secession Under International Law: Nagorno-Karabakh / Milena Sterio -- Moldova: Law and Complex Crises in a Systemic Borderland / Christopher J. Borgen -- Unfreezing and Settling the Conflict over Kosovo / Enrico Milano -- The Conflict in Western Sahara After Forty Years of Occupation: International Law versus Realpolitik / Juan Soroeta -- The Paradox of the Europeanisation of Intrastate Conflicts / Nikos Skoutaris -- General articles -- From Problem to Opportunity? An Analytical Framework for Vagueness and Ambiguity in International Law / Andreas Kulick -- What Came First: The Obligation or the Belief? A Renaissance of Consensus Theory to Make the Normative Foundations of Customary International Law More Tangible / Lando Kirchmair -- The Crime of Genocide and the Problem of Subjective Substantiality / Paul Behrens -- Certain Iranian Assets: The Limits of Anti-Terrorism Measures in Light of State Immunity and Standards of Treatment / Philipp Janig and Sarah Mansour Fallah -- Clearing Up? Transparency in the Dispute Settlement of International Trade Agreements / Christoph Schewe -- The Social Dimension of Sustainable Development in EU Trade Agreements: Strengthening International Labour Standards / Lilian Richieri Hanania -- German practice -- In Germany International Law may be Honoured in the Breach: The Federal Constitutional Court Gives the Legislature Carte Blanche to Override Treaties / Thomas Giegerich – “Gliding O’er All”: Human Dignity and Constitutional Identity in the Federal Constitutional Court’ s Recent Jurisprudence / Felix Telschow -- Deployment of Soldiers for the Protection of Nationals Abroad and Inner-State Justification: The German Federal Constitutional Court’s Decision on the Operation of German Military in Libya / Mareike Nürnberg and David Schenk-- The German Federal Constitutional Court’s First Reference for a Preliminary Ruling to the European Court of Justice: A 2016 Follow-Up / Berenike Schriewer -- Genocide in Rwanda: The Judgment of Frankfurt’s Higher Regional Court Against a Former Rwandan Mayor of 29 December 2015 / Isabell Bohm -- German Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2016 / Jens Kaiser -- Are the Maghreb States ‘Safe’? / Avril Rushe and Joschka Peters-Wunnenberg -- Finding a Solution Without Addressing the Problem: The 2014 Ems-Dollard Treaty / Sebastian Tho Pesch -- The Germanwings Disaster: Legal Debates and Consequences / Marcus Schladebach -- The German Federal Court of Justice Marks a Possible Way for the CJEU’s Preliminary Ruling: The Compatibility of Investment Arbitration Clauses in Intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties with European Union Law / Thomas Hoppe -- Book reviews.