Policies & Policy Processes of the EU


Kolejny tom z prestiżowej European Union series wydawnictwa Macmillan International (imprint Red Globe Press) dotarł do nas kilka dni temu. Pierwsze wydanie ukazało się w roku 2013, zatem czas najwyższy na aktualizację. Dane bibliograficzne, spis treści i informacje z okładki poniżej.

Policies and Policy Processes of the European Union (second edition) / Laurie Buonanno, Neill Nugent. London : Macmillan International ; Red Globe Press, 2021. xxiii, 361 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. European Union series, ISBN 9781352009859 (paperback) 9781352009866 (hardback) [45670]

Contents: Introduction -- 1. The Policy Portfolio -- 2. Traditional and Critical Theoretical Approaches -- 3. The Federal Integration Approach -- 4. The Principal Policy Institutions -- 5. Other Important Policy Actors -- 6. Key Features of Policy Processes -- 7. The Policy Cycle -- 8. Policy-making Modes -- 9. The Internal Market -- 10. Competition Policy -- 11. Agriculture Policy -- 12. Environment Policy -- 13. Social and Cohesion Policies -- 14. Economic and Monetary Union -- 15. The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice -- 16. Migration and Border control Policies -- 17. Trade Policy -- 18. Foreign and External Security Policy -- 19. The EU's Budget -- 20. Conclusions and Future Challenges.

Book Jacket: "The dynamic and complex system of European Union policymaking is analysed in this new edition of a much-praised textbook. It offers the most integrated understanding of EU policy available. Major approaches to policymaking – including intergovernmentalism, neofunctionalism, supranationalism and critical theory – are presented and supplemented with the authors' own theoretical model, federal integration, to create a comprehensive evaluation of the EU's interests and actors in key policy domains. The text covers the EU's main policy areas – including those on the single market, Economic and Monetary Union, foreign policy, migration and border control, social and regional policies, and the budget – locating them in this wider theoretical framework. As such, it is the key introduction to the subject for students of European Politics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.