Routledge Handbook on the International Dimension of Brexit


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The Routledge Handbook on the International Dimension of Brexit / edited By Juan Santos Vara, Ramses A. Wessel, associate editor Polly R. Polak. 2021, Routledge, 372 p., ISBN 9780367434069.

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Book Description:

"This handbook provides comprehensive and expert analysis of the impact of the Brexit process and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on existing and future EU–UK relations within the context of both EU and international law.

Examining the wider international law implications, it additionally assesses the complex legal consequences of Brexit for both the EU and the UK in their dealings with third states and other international organizations. With contributions from renowned specialists in the field of EU external action, each chapter will analyse specific policy areas to address key challenges arising from the Brexit process for the EU and the UK and propose solutions to overcome these problems. The handbook aims to fill a gap in research by assessing the consequences of Brexit under EU external relations law and international law. As such, it is hoped it will set the research agenda for coming years on the international dimension of Brexit.

The Routledge Handbook on the International Dimension of Brexit is an authoritative and essential reference text for scholars and students of international and European/EU law and policy, EU politics, and British Politics and Brexit, as well as of key relevance to legal practitioners involved in Brexit, governments, policy-makers, civil society organizations, think tanks, practitioners, national parliaments and the Court of Justice."

Table of Contents:

1. The Implications of Brexit for EU and UK External Relations: An Introduction / Juan Santos Vara, Ramses A. Wessel and Polly R. Polak

Part I: The Framework for the Future Relationship between the EU and the UK

2. Towards the Formulation of the ‘Brussels Criteria’: The Values and Principles Underlying EU Withdrawal and Their Application in Future Contexts / Allan F. Tatham -- 3. In the Twilight Zone: The Transition Period in the Withdrawal Agreement / Tobias Lock -- 4. Parliamentary Involvement in the Negotiations on the EU–UK Trade Agreement / Adam Cygan and Ewa Żelazna -- 5. EU Withdrawal Law After Brexit: The Emergence of a Unique Legal Procedure / Polly R. Polak

Part II: Brexit and Existing EU International Agreements

6. Managing Brexit: Trade Agreements Binding on the UK Pursuant to its EU Membership / Panos Koutrakos -- 7. Come Fly With Me? Brexit and Air Transport / Wybe Th. Douma -- 8. Outside the Opt-out: Legal Consequences of the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU for the External Action in the AFSJ / Paula García Andrade -- 9. Copy–Pasting or Negotiating? Post-Brexit Trade Agreements between the UK and Non-EU Countries / Adam Łazowski

Part III: International Organizations and EU Diplomacy after Brexit

10. EU–UK Relations at the WTO: Towards Constructive Creative Competition / Gregory Messenger -- 11. Brexit and its Implications for the EU in the UN Security Council / Jan Wouters -- 12. EU Diplomacy after Brexit / Mauro Gatti -- 13. Brexit and Fisheries: International Law Issues, Participation in RFMOs, Reciprocal Access and the Future / Fernando Castillo de la Torre and Agnieszka Stobiecka-Kuik

Part IV: Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy after Brexit

14. Post-Brexit Participation of the UK in EU Foreign, Security and Defence Policy / Ramses A. Wessel -- 15. UK Sanctions Policy after Brexit: From Dependence to Autonomy? / Sara Poli -- 16. EU Sanctions Policy and the Alignment of Third Countries: Relevant Experiences for the UK? / Viktor Szép and Peter Van Elsuwege -- 17. EU Crisis Management Operations and International Responsibility Post–Brexit / Scarlett McArdle

Part V: Brexit and Specific International Arrangements

18. Brexit and EU Agencies: Opting-in from the Outside? / Andrea Ott -- 19. Disentangling the UK from EU Environmental Agreements after Brexit: The Challenges Posed by Mixed Agreements and Soft Law / Teresa Fajardo -- 20. The Future of Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters between the EU and the UK / Chloé Brière

Part VI: Contested and External Effects of Brexit

21. The Implications of the Withdrawal Agreement for Gibraltar: Is Spain Taking Back Control? / Juan Santos Vara -- 22. Brexit and International Legal Sovereignty / Jed Odermatt -- 23. The Cross-Channel Reach of EU Law in the UK Post-Brexit / Elaine Fahey.