Europe : A Philosophical History


Filozoficzna historia Europy autorstwa Prof. Simona Glendinninga (LSE European Institute) w dwóch tomach (Pt. 1: The Promise of Modernity, Pt. 2: Beyond Modernity) ukazała się w tym roku nakładem wydawnictwa Routledge, książki są już dostępne w zbiorach Biblioteki Natolińskiej.

Europe : A Philosophical History. Pt. 1, The Promise of Modernity / Simon Glendinning. London ; New York : Routledge, 2021. xxiv, 208 p. ; 24 cm. ISBN 9781032015804 paperback 9781138580329 hardback [45878

Contents: Preface. What does it mean to be European? -- Introduction. Our Selective Memories of Europe -- I. European Cultural Identity -- 1. Ideas of Culture -- 2. Greek, Christian and Beyond -- II. Europe's Modernity -- 3. From Barbarism to Civilization -- 4. The European Idea of Man -- 5. The Cosmopolitical Animal -- III. The History of the World -- 6. Perpetual Peace -- 7. Attained Freedom -- 8. Real Happiness -- 9. Complete Democracy -- IV. A Sense of an Ending -- 10. Europe in Crisis -- 11. Dispiriting Europe -- 12. The Grand Tour : Looking Back and Looking Forward.

Europe : A Philosophical History. Pt. 2, Beyond Modernity / Simon Glendinning. London ; New York : Routledge, 2021. xiv, 246 p. ; 24 cm. ISBN 9781032015828 paperback 9781138580350 hardback [45879

Contents: Introduction. #Philosophy #Europe -- I. Europe Then and Now -- 1. The Death of God -- 2. A Worn-Out Europe -- II. The Cold War -- 3. Liberty and Democracy -- 4. The End of History -- III. European Union -- 5. Becoming European -- 6. A United Europe of States -- IV. In Our Time -- 7. A Time after Marx -- 8. State and Religion Beyond Modernity -- 9. Our Conclusive Transitoriness.

Book Jacket: "Europe is inseparable from its history. That history has been extensively studied in terms of its political history, its economic history, its religious history, its literary and cultural history, and so on. Could there be a distinctively philosophical history of Europe? Not a history of philosophy in Europe, but a history of Europe that focuses on what, in its history and identity, ties it to philosophy. In the two volumes of Europe: A Philosophical History - The Promise of Modernity and Beyond Modernity - Simon Glendinning takes up this question, telling the story of Europe’s history as a philosophical history. In Part 1, The Promise of Modernity, Glendinning examines the conception of Europe that links it to ideas of rational Enlightenment and modernity. Tracking this self-understanding as it unfolds in the writings of Kant, Hegel and Marx, Glendinning explores the transition in Europe from a conception of its modernity that was philosophical and religious to one which was philosophical and scientific. While this transition profoundly altered Europe’s own history, Glendinning shows how its self-confident core remained intact in this development. But not for long. This volume ends with an examination of the abrupt shattering of this confidence brought on by the first world-wide war of European origin – and the imminence of a second. The promise of modernity was in ruins. Nothing, for Europe, would ever be the same again."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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