Revisiting EU-Africa relations in a changing world

Kolejna ciekawa książka o relacjach UE z Afryką:

Revisiting EU-Africa relations in a changing world / edited by Valeria Fargion, Mamoudou Gazibo. Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021. xv, 287 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. New horizons in European politics series, ISBN 9781839109812 (hardback) [45867].

Na początku kwietnia pisałem o The Routledge handbook of EU-Africa relations (tutaj), dzisiaj prezentuję kolejną książkę, tym razem wydaną w prestiżowej serii New horizons in European politics wydawnictwa Edward Elgar (więcej informacji na stronie wydawnictwa). Szczegółowy spis treści i informacje z okłdki poniżej, zapraszam.

Contents: Introduction. Revisiting EU-Africa relations in a changing world / Valeria Fargion, Mamoudou Gazibo 

I. Security and conflict resolution in Africa

1. Managing African conflicts : using CSDP missions to cope with terrorism and organized crime / Daniela Irrera -- 2. The European Union and conflict prevention in Africa : partnering with civil society to build sustainable peace / Lorenzo Angelini -- 3. African Union reform project : implications and challenges for EU partnership towards ending conflicts in Africa / Reuben J. B. Lewis 

II. The migratory conundrum 

4. Africa-EU migration in perspective / Gustavo De Santis -- 5. Drivers of migration from Africa / Alessandra Venturini, Andrea Goldstein -- 6. African migration and EU immigration policies / Ioannis Papageorgiou -- 7. Europe-Africa unequal pacts : the case of West African migration / Rahmane Idrissa -- 8. From containment to policy coherence : reframing European migration policy with Africa / Andrea Stocchiero 

III. EU trade policy and African economic development 

9. EU-Africa trade and investment relations : towards greater convergence? / San Bilal, Bernard Hoekman, Dominique Njinkeu -- 10. The African Continental Free Trade Agreement and its implications for Africa-EU trade relations / John Akokpari -- 11. UK trade with Africa after Brexit / Giorgia Giovannetti, Enrico Marvasi, Filippo Santi 

IV. European development cooperation at a crossroad 

12. From complementing to copying its member states : assessing the EU's development cooperation with Africa / Niels Keijzer -- 13. Three interwoven actors, readjusting positions : EU-Africa relations and the post-Cotonou partnership / Maurizio Carbone -- 14. EU development cooperation with Africa : forgetting about health? / Valeria Fargion, Marco Mayer 

V. Democratization in Africa between local dynamics and international pressures 

15. Democracy in sub-Saharan Africa : historical legacies, international pressures and new political challenges / Arrigo Pallotti, Corrado Tornimbeni -- 16. Does EBA improve good governance in sub-Saharan Africa? / Thilo Bodenstein -- 17. Is democracy declining in Africa and what role for China? / Mamoudou Gazibo 

VI. Conclusion 

18. EU and Africa : reflecting on the European global strategy and EU neighbourhood policy / Pasquale Ferrara.

Book Jacket: "This timely book explores the current state of EU-Africa relations from a multidisciplinary perspective, placing emphasis on recent developments in five areas that are crucial for EU-Africa relations: development cooperation, trade, migration, security and democratization. It considers how Africa's dependence on the EU has decreased due to the declining importance of development cooperation, and increasing cooperation with emerging powers, notably the BRIC nations. The book asks two key questions in relation to these areas: first, whether the EU effectively pursues a forward-looking strategy suggested in the official discourse or is following a strategy that still reflects asymmetrical postcolonial relations; and second, whether Africa will be able to push for a more balanced relationship with Europe by using the leverage provided by emerging powers. To answer these questions, expert contributors explore the impact of African migration on the domestic policy of EU member states, security and conflict resolution in Africa, EU trade policy and African economic development, and how local dynamics and international pressures affect democratisation in Africa. Offering new directions of research on EU-Africa relations, this book will be critical reading for scholars and students of international relations, European policy and international politics. It will also be a useful resource for policy makers, activists and civil society groups interested in EU-Africa cooperation."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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