Ukraine Developments and Brill’s Response


"Everyone at Brill is deeply shocked and worried by the war in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and those fighting for freedom and peace. Our thoughts go out to all affected, particularly our university partners, authors and editors in Ukraine.

Our operations have not been directly affected. As events are developing quickly, we are continuously assessing the situation, the nature of the support that our colleagues in the region need, and the steps that are needed to mitigate potential impact on our business operations.

This war shows again how vital the humanities are. Against the falsification of history, we need good historical analysis. For a proper understanding of a conflict, knowledge of languages, culture and religions is just as necessary as economic and political analysis.

As publisher we are playing a small but important role in supporting all authors, editors and researchers around the globe to do their valuable work. This is why at Brill we #StandWithUkraine and will be sharing and opening relevant research under the hashtag #SolidarityWords. Visit the overview here."


Powtórzę adres: - tam wydawnictwo Brill udostępniło sporo swoich materiałów, z których można korzystać w trybie OA do końca roku 2022. Zdecydowanie warto zajrzeć.