Shining a light on energy


Shining a light on energy : 10 years of the Lisbon Treaty to pierwszy tom, który ukazuje się w serii 'Natolin Nests Series'. Książka jest już dostępna w wersji drukowanej, a niebawem również ukaże się także w formacie elektronicznym. Tymczasem wysyłamy egzemplarze obowiązkowe do bibliotek do tego uprawnionych. Szczegóły bibliograficzne poniżej:

Shining a light on energy : 10 years of the Lisbon Treaty / volume editor Anna Herranz-Surrallés. Warsaw : College of Europe in Natolin, 2022. 319 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. Natolin Nests Series vol. 1, ISBN 9788363128043 COE print, 9788363128081 COE ebook, 9788362818723 NEC print, 9788362818747 NEC ebook [Call No. 46569]

Spis treści:

Contents: Foreword / Helena Hayman -- 1. Introduction / Anna Herranz-Surrallés -- I. Between Energy sovereignty and solidarity -- 2. From Notion to EU Legal Principle : development and implications of energy solidarity / Ewa Mazur -- 3. Rethinking energy diversification in the Baltic States : How divergences in threats construction shape national policy agendas / Gianmarco Riva -- II. Testing the limits of the EU energy competence -- 4. The energy Union governance regulation in the context of the Member State's Right to shape National Energy mix / Anna Mathews -- 5. The greening of the ECB monetary policy : a legal-economic analysis / Agnieszka Smoleńska, Paweł Tokarski -- III. The changing governance of renewable energy -- 6. Introducing flexible governance for renewable energy : how the EU came to drop nationality binding targets for 2030 / Arnold Bruhin -- 7. There and back again? 'Bindingness' and 'Stringency' in post-Lisbon renewable governance in the EU and energy community / Lisse G. van Vliet -- IV. Markets, citizens and courts in the energy transition -- 8. Beyond subsidies : renewables' missing money dilemma / Johannes Leininger -- 9. Climate litigation : a silver bullet for insufficient climate action? / Zofia Roguska -- V. Towards a just transition? -- 10. The challenges and stakes of conceptualising energy poverty in the EU / Alexandra Blin -- 11. Achieving a just transition : how can the European pillar of Social Rights contribute to reskilling employees in fossil-fuel reliant regions? / Heidi Renault -- VI. 12. Conclusion / Emer Gerrard, Helena Hayman.

Book Jacket: "Ten years since the Lisbon Treaty included Energy in the European Union’s shared competences, the challenges confronting the EU in the areas of energy and climate are more urgent than ever. Some of the most pressing issues are the need to decarbonise the energy mix, the deficient integration of energy markets, significant import dependency, limited diversification of sources and transport routes, insufficient energy infrastructure development, the challenges posed by the increasing share of renewables, the need to accelerate clean energy innovation and energy efficiency as a means to reduce demand. Over the past decade, the EU has adopted a variety of legal acts setting milestones for accelerated development of energy and climate policy, to address some of these challenges, but many remain."--PUBLISHER'S NOTE.

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