Romanian Journal of European Affairs

Dzisiaj nadeszły kolejne dwa zeszyty kwartalnika Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA), więc śpieszę z dokładnymi spisami treści, szczególnie, że kilka artykułów dość ciekawych.

RJEA vol. 11 no. 2 (June 2011): The Entire World’s a Stage: the EU’s Strategic Presence in the Contemporary International Arena / Scott Nicholas Romaniuk -- The Strategic Character of the Cooperation Relationship Between the EU and the BRIC Countries / Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai -- Regionalization in the Black Sea Area: a Comparative Study / Diana Rusu -- Immigrants in Spain - Their Role in the Economy and the Effects of the Crisis / Andrea Elteto -- Turkey Entering the European Union Through the Balkan Doors: in the Style of a Great Power? / Bedrudin Brljavac -- Book Review: Eleanor Spaventa, Free Movement of Persons in the European Union: Barriers to Movement in Their Constitutional Context [24611] / Irina Pescarasu -- Book Review: Thomas Risse, A Community of Europeans? Transnational Identities and Public Spheres [28270] / Scott Nicholas Romaniuk.

RJEA vol. 11 no. 3 (September 2011): Appraising the European Neighbourhood Policy: background, implementation and recommendations / Kerry Longhurst -- Moving borders. European immigration policy and the multidimensional instability of the boundaries / Paolo Cossarini -- The European Union’s quest for energy policy: a geo-economic approach / Alin Codoban -- European emission trading scheme at a turning point - from the pilot phase to post-2012 / Aura Carmen Slate -- Implications of the EU multi-level governance in the field of competition policy - a comparative analysis of the characteristics of cohesion and competition policies / Florin Bonciu -- Economic problems of European Union caused by the demographic ageing / Iulia-Alexandra Perca.

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